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Diversifying into precious metals at the current prices, and in the current landscape of fundamentals, could prove  investors and families one of the best long-term investments. Learn more by requesting our FREE gold investor kit and complimentary DVD, “What is Real Money.”

Why Invest in Precious Metals?

For thousands of years, in good times and bad, precious metals have offered owners a solid, long-term, and tangible way to hold and protect wealth. Unlike paper investments (like stocks, bonds and currencies) that can, and have, become worthless, gold and silver have true intrinsic worth and, hence, will always be valuable.

Who We Are

We are America’s leading experts for acquiring and selling physical gold and silver. Established in 1972, we believe it is imperative you partner with trusted advisors who not only enjoy a documented track record of success, but more importantly, understand your financial goals and worldview. We structure strategic and dynamic precious metals portfolios.




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